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02 January 2009 @ 09:09 pm
Batch 7: Merlin and Disney...  
[01-39] Merlin (The Dragon's Call and Valiant)
[40-51] Merlin cast
[52-61] Disney (The Fox and the Hound and The Road to El Dorado)

17copy-3.jpg picture by Gallifaerie 29copy-3.jpg picture by Gallifaerie 39copy-3.jpg picture by Gallifaerie
55copy-4.jpg picture by Gallifaerie 48copy-3.jpg picture by Gallifaerie 68copy-3.jpg picture by Gallifaerie

01copy-1.jpg picture by Gallifaerie 02copy-1.jpg picture by Gallifaerie 05copy-1.jpg picture by Gallifaerie 06copy-1.jpg picture by Gallifaerie 07copy-1.jpg picture by Gallifaerie  [01-05]
08copy-1.jpg picture by Gallifaerie 09copy-1.jpg picture by Gallifaerie 11copy-4.jpg picture by Gallifaerie 12copy-4.jpg picture by Gallifaerie 13copy-5.jpg picture by Gallifaerie [06-10]
14copy-3.jpg picture by Gallifaerie 15copy-3.jpg picture by Gallifaerie 16copy-3.jpg picture by Gallifaerie 17copy-3.jpg picture by Gallifaerie 18copy-3.jpg picture by Gallifaerie [11-15]
19copy-4.jpg picture by Gallifaerie 20copy-4.jpg picture by Gallifaerie 21copy-3.jpg picture by Gallifaerie 22copy-3.jpg picture by Gallifaerie 24copy-3.jpg picture by Gallifaerie [16-20]
25copy-3.jpg picture by Gallifaerie 26copy-3.jpg picture by Gallifaerie 27copy-4.jpg picture by Gallifaerie 29copy-3.jpg picture by Gallifaerie 31copy-2.jpg picture by Gallifaerie [21-25]
32copy-2.jpg picture by Gallifaerie 33copy-2.jpg picture by Gallifaerie 35copy-2.jpg picture by Gallifaerie 36copy-4.jpg picture by Gallifaerie 37copy-3.jpg picture by Gallifaerie [26-30]
38copy-3.jpg picture by Gallifaerie39copy-3.jpg picture by Gallifaerie 40copy-3.jpg picture by Gallifaerie 41copy-4.jpg picture by Gallifaerie 42copy-3.jpg picture by Gallifaerie [31-35]
44copy-4.jpg picture by Gallifaerie 45copy-3.jpg picture by Gallifaerie 47copy-4.jpg picture by Gallifaerie 46copy-3.jpg picture by Gallifaerie [36-39]

53copy-3.jpg picture by Gallifaerie 54copy-3.jpg picture by Gallifaerie 55copy-4.jpg picture by Gallifaerie 56copy-4.jpg picture by Gallifaerie 57copy-3.jpg picture by Gallifaerie [40-44]
58copy-3.jpg picture by Gallifaerie 59copy-3.jpg picture by Gallifaerie 60copy-3.jpg picture by Gallifaerie 52copy-4.jpg picture by Gallifaerie 61copy-3.jpg picture by Gallifaerie [45-49]
62copy-2.jpg picture by Gallifaerie 69copy-3.jpg picture by Gallifaerie [50-51]

48copy-3.jpg picture by Gallifaerie 49copy-3.jpg picture by Gallifaerie 50copy-4.jpg picture by Gallifaerie 51copy-4.jpg picture by Gallifaerie 64copy-3.jpg picture by Gallifaerie [52-56]
63copy-3.jpg picture by Gallifaerie 66copy-2.jpg picture by Gallifaerie 65copy-4.jpg picture by Gallifaerie 67copy-2.jpg picture by Gallifaerie 68copy-3.jpg picture by Gallifaerie [57-61]

I really experimented with stuff with this batch. Different colouring and arranging of...things. Anyway, I'm quite happy with it, and it was nice to have time to just mess around photoshop, seeing as it's been ages since I've posted here. Plus, making Merlin and Disney icons for the first time is an awesome mix. So, enjoy!

And...my resources are here, and because LJ's being an ass and won't let me edit that post without hideous consequences, extra resources are:
Other Web Resources; katie-mcgrath.com
Screencaps; _becca84_,   far2far_away, magical screencaps
Tutorials; here

comments are like a hug in a mug
credit is always appreciated, but not compulsory
feel free to suggest/request anything
if you'd like any of the graphics altered, just ask
please don't hotlink; saving's quick and easy
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Plus, shameless promotion of tw_dw_stillsfor all your still icon needs! :D
Lauren: {Colin} -baby he lights up the roomprelusion on January 3rd, 2009 10:38 pm (UTC)
Ok well, as I've said the colouring and composition are fine but one a few of the icons the image is overpowered by the light patches. The most prominent examples of this are 32, 33 and 36. You could do a few things to make the light work better: lower the opactiy on your light blob layer, use a soft light layer above the light layer or play with the brightness/contrast settings.

Of course, these are only suggestions based on my preferences. When it comes down to it it's all about developing your own style =)
Anyway, I hope that helped.

And I forgot to mention that I aslo really like 38.
gallifaerie: Merl' - Two parts Merlin; One part...gallifaerie on January 3rd, 2009 10:44 pm (UTC)
Thanks, I'll definitely try that next time I'm in photoshop. I can never make my mind up about the amount light and contrast in icons, and my preferences seem to change batch to batch. But seriously, I love getting advice about things, so thank you for taking the time to explain; it's really appreciated! :)

And thanks again! ♥
Lauren: {Katie} -I wanna be your rock'n'rollprelusion on January 3rd, 2009 10:48 pm (UTC)
I'm glad. I look forward to seeing what you come up with next =)

And it was no problem, I'm happy to help =D
gallifaerie: Merl' - ILU Morgygallifaerie on January 3rd, 2009 11:15 pm (UTC)
Ha, I look forward to seeing what I come up with next as well! Thanks for all the help! ;D